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November 25, 2015

On Pendleton, Wheeler and an end to homelessness

by Jeff Woodward
Homing the homeless, finally. The Portland Business Alliance’s most recent event introduced Lloyd Pendleton to a crowd nearing 400 on Nov. 18 at the Sentinel hotel. Pendleton, the former…
November 25, 2015

Hard work pays off now and for 20 years to come

by Tom Hughes
It’s often easy to overlook the hard work that leads to success. Our economy is growing faster than almost anywhere else in the country. People are moving here because of the quality of life in…
November 25, 2015

Sometimes you're just the sidekick

by Mikel Kelly
It occurred to me the other day as I was pondering the big issues in life (a practice I’m much more inclined to indulge in now that I’m a card-carrying member of The Crankiest Generation), that…
Miles Vance
November 18, 2015

An early thanks to our law enforcement agencies

by Miles Vance
One of my many duties — OK, to be more accurate, many, many, many duties — here at Valley Times is to edit copy. Makes sense given the fancy “editor” title and all. And part of that particular…
Andy Duyck
November 18, 2015

Celebrating a successful partnership on 124th Ave.

by Andy Duyck
One of the things that makes Washington County special is that we work together to get things done. The Joint Willamette Water Supply Pipeline and Washington County 124th Avenue Extension…
November 18, 2015

Letters to the Editor

by The Times
Looking back on recent shootings in our schools Some thoughts on recent school shootings. We wonder what has happened to these “shooters.” Maybe we should wonder more what has happened to the…
November 12, 2015

Let's honor those vets who've served every day

by Denny Doyle
I’ve never worn a military uniform, never eaten an MRE, carried a sea bag or left my loved ones for months at a time to travel across the world to serve my country. I have no idea what war is…
November 12, 2015

Beware of sales tax lurking in disguise

by Editorial Board
Oregonians have voted down a sales tax nine times in the past eight decades. People who want to raise more money for government programs need to understand that voters probably never will…
November 12, 2015

Memories build their own kind of bridges

by James F. Burns
Today’s technology can do many things. For me, it both revived and verified fading memories of three veterans — a soldier and two sailors. First, the two sailors. Salvation of that memory began…
November 05, 2015

How would Oregon look if not for Reagan presidency?

by Dan Mason
On Thursday, the Republican Party of Washington County is hosting a dinner to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Ronald Reagan winning the national election and becoming the 40th president of the…

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Nov 04, 2015

Constant vigilance needed to thwart domestic violence

by Editorial Board
Domestic violence and sexual assault have reached epidemic proportions in our nation. Much of the focus today is on “intimate partner violence,” which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control &…
Nov 04, 2015

Beaverton School District needs to show care in boundary changes

by Cherise Arthur
The Beaverton School District is in the process of taking down and building new schools. One of the new schools will be on the south side of Cooper Mountain. As a longtime resident of that area,…
Oct 28, 2015

OHA is putting Oregon's health care reform at risk

by Rep. Brad Witt
Providing health care to those who cannot afford it takes a big bite out of the state budget, as well as the federal budget. According to a recent Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation study,…
Oct 28, 2015

Letters to the Editor

by The Times
Vote ‘Yes’ on Washington County library levy I am writing to urge all voters to vote “yes” on Measure 34-235 for libraries in Washington County. This levy would run from July 2016 through June…
Oct 28, 2015

Don't discount value of cursive writing

by Dr. Suzanne Baruch Asherson
In mid-October, educators from more than 30 Oregon and Washington schools came together to learn how to teach handwriting at a workshop called “Handwriting Without Tears.” Yes, you read that…
Oct 21, 2015

It's vital to give kids an early start

by Jane Hogue
If we want children to grow up to be responsible, employable and successful adults, we have to start at the beginning. As a child, Chad Andersen lived with his mother — she was on welfare — in a…
Oct 21, 2015

Health care enrollment opens soon

by Susan Johnson
Many people find the frenzied pace of November and December a bit overwhelming. School concerts, parent-teacher conferences, holiday parties and events, shopping, work deadlines, inclement…
Oct 21, 2015

Letters to the Editor

by The Times
Real heroes — not Columbus — ought to be the honored Dear Editor, in response to your article on “Indigenous Peoples Day,” perhaps the city council should sit in one of our eighth grade…
Oct 14, 2015

Let's get serious about gun violations

by Editorial board
If there’s anything both sides of the gun-control debate could agree on, it’s that current laws ought to be better used to keep firearms out of the hands of those involved in criminal…
Oct 14, 2015

There's poverty in the midst of plenty

by Roger Gahlsdorf
Look around. Prominent signs of the economic boom in Washington County are everywhere. But beneath the sheen of prosperity there’s still stubborn, entrenched poverty affecting a lot of our…

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