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Como se dice 'stand strong' en español?

Writer says sanctuary city designation would make everyone 'homies' in Forest Grove

I think I probably have "como se dice" spelled wrong, as my command of the Spanish language is below that of a three-year-old native-speaker. However, it is a direct quote from my brief comments at the city of Forest Grove public hearing on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, concerning the urgent need to become a supporter of ALL of our human population by resolving to publicly act as a Sanctuary City.

I went on to tell a short story of my time as a teacher in inner city Portland Public Schools — 23 years — and developing a classroom program there that was a blend of a very diverse population of children and their families. Our one rule for how we wanted to be as members of that class was KIND. It was a highly successful program and eventually spread to the whole school and on to other schools and districts in Oregon. My point, of course, was that it was a microcosm of what our city of Forest Grove can now become: a multicultural, thriving, united, purposeful group of the people who call this "home."

At this point, we have an opportunity to build such an ideal home to include all of us "homies." We can build unity around the principles of inclusion, home, safety, care, equity and an ongoing celebration of our special talents and gifts. All of this can be found in using KIND as a method to achieve unity. This can become our strength, built on the common ideas of sanctuary. Who could believe that our nation now even needs to debate the use of a word, sanctuary, and its implications? And yet, here we all are, struggling to Stand Strong — TOGETHER.

It's clear that you, as our elected local government officials, must reach far inside your personal beliefs to determine how you will vote to withstand our country's newly elected president's Declaration of Division. We homies — both rural and urban — are ready to celebrate our holding Sanctuary City status, and are ready to work to make it more than just words and promises. Thank you for your consideration of what your positive vote will mean to all of us, now and in the future.

We, the people, are Standing Strong.

Robin Lindsley is a resident of Forest Grove. This commentary was written prior to the Forest Grove City Council's tie vote on the city's sanctuary city status Jan. 23, which meant the proposal was defeated.