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Oh, that Weather outside!

We have experienced some frightful weather this winter season! And while this may cause some of us inconvenience, those that struggle to make ends meet through this time of year have even more challenges as icy roads make it impossible to get to work, schools close and kids are home so even if you can get to work, there's the issue of extra expense for child care. Utilities, food and pretty much every basic need seem to be just out of reach.

Ford Lovers Resolutions!

Well we think if you own a Ford - life is pretty good for you already, but there may be a few things you can do to make your new year even better for you and your beloved vehicle! (Just a quick disclosure: These tips will work for any vehicle you love!) And while New Year's resolutions are famous for being neglected, buck the trend this year and commit to doing more to make the most of your 'fantastic' vehicle.

The Show Goes ON!

We are proud to be one of the Sponsor's of the Veteran's Tree at the Grotto this year. If you and your family have not had the opportunity to view the 'The Grotto Christmas Festival of Lights' we would strongly encourage you do so.

Give Local!

This year's Chamber Christmas Giving Breakfast was cancelled due to weather....lots of folks had worked hard to be sure the place was decorated, the tables were set up, and the food was ready. While disappointing that a great event didn't take place the bigger issue is the loss in a giving opportunity.

A Community That Gives...

Back in September, we hosted the Drive 4 UR School Event that Ford Motor Company allocates up to $6,000 to our local schools just for a quick spin around the block in a new Ford vehicle. For this event, you raised $5070 and these funds will be disbursed to Gresham Gopher Spirit Club and Barlow Baseball! Way to go!!!

And we're off!!

Last Friday, the official Fill-A-Bag bags, along with a letter and envelope were inserted into The Outlook newspapers! If you received one of these in your paper, here is a list of places that you can drop those off:

I Won But I Lost

This past Monday evening Kory Price of Grocery Outlet made my dreams of being a Grocery Cashier come true....growing up out in the country (yes I was country when country wasn't cool) I so looked forward to taking our weekly trip to town to shop.